Modern Metallic Blackboards

You could just print out your prices and offers, but they look so much more homely, cool and inviting when you handwrite them in chalk, chalk pen or marker on one of our attractive and colourful, branded metal blackboards.

We use the latest technologies to customise each bright, durable piece, adding metallic effects to give our blackboards an extraordinary modern look.

Wow your customers with designs of almost any shape and colour, lacquered and embossed for maximum impact and durability. Speaking of which … come rain, come shine, these metal chalkboards don’t mind! The colours you see on day one will still look as eye-catching years later, which is why we guarantee them for five years.

Easy to wipe down and use every day, they really are an attractive investment for your brand. We manufacture these and all our other products in the European Union using ecologically sustainable processes.

Good looks mean good business, so give us a call today. We’ll be happy to tell you more.