We’ve been crafting high-quality personalized marketing products (like the ones you’ll see throughout this site) for almost 30 years. We manufacture them from metal for companies of all sizes because it’s the solid choice for brand awareness. If you want to make impressions that last with creative designs that don’t fade, there’s no better material.

Our customers know that physical objects still have the power to catch the eye and hold the attention, so let us help you to boost your next marketing project too with the kind of displays, product presentation systems, POS materials, merchandising products, company gifts, and promotional on-pack items that get you noticed. We’re very flexible and keen to accommodate your production and shipping needs, so please, get in touch to find out more.

  1. Klara von Halem, Graphic Designer
  2. Rudolf von Halem, General Manager
  3. Táňa Eisenbergerová, Marketing Trainee
  4. Rudolf Janíček, Transports and Logistics
  5. Ingrid San Martin, International Sales
  6. Ota Fišera, International Sales
  7. Linda Miklová, Marketing
  8. Petr Včelař, Purchasing
  9. Petra Thakoor, Office Management
  10. Pavel Beneš, Senior Art Director
  11. Leana von Halem, Marketing Trainee
  12. Jiří Ludwig, Systems Engineer
  13. Martin Kupský, Senior Technician Porcelain Enamel
  14. Petr Března, Director of Production
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