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Types of Metal Advertising Signs

Choosing our advertising signs is not just a decision for today; it’s an investment in a sustainable, visually striking, and long-lasting promotional strategy. Discover the advantages of our eco-friendly, top-quality signs that make a statement for your brand while making a positive impact on the planet. Choose excellence, choose our porcelain enamel and metal advertising signs. Each advertising sign serves a distinct purpose, which is why we craft various types. These variations come with unique features such as weather resistance and color stability, ensuring durability against the elements.

Comparison of Advertising Signs by Type

Porcelain Enamel, Aluminium and Tin Signs – 3 types of advertising signs with different attributes and advantages, each with varying price ranges, order minimums and uses!

Porcelain Enamel SignsTin Metal SignsAluminum Signs
Minimal quantity100 pcs500 pcs100 pcs
Printscreen printingoffsetdigital printing
Outdoor uselong termnomedium term
Materialsteel platetinplatealuminum
Thickness of metal1.3 mm0.5 mm0.6 mm, 1.0 mm and 2.0 mm
Weight (300×400 mm)1.2 kg0.45 kg0.25 kg (0.6 mm thickness)
Pieces on 1 pallet (300×400 mm)100 pcs900 pcs900 pcs
Individual packagingcardboard boxplastic bagplastic bag
Production time6-8 weeks5-7 weeks4-6 weeks
Magnetic materialyesyesno
Individualization of the motifon demandnoon demand
Hidden mountingon demandon demandon demand

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Advertising Signs Manufacturer

With three decades of experience in the industry, we produce thousands of high-quality metal advertising signs every day, with fast turnarounds and swift shipping from the heart of Europe to the rest of the world.

  • Excellent pre-production graphic work and thorough testing
  • Quality control at every stage of manufacturing for top-quality products
  • On-demand production for brand and copyright owners
  • Handmade and modern production methods for the best results
  • Our production caters to both companies and agencies alike

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Embossed Metal Signs

Embossing is a specialized technique that adds depth to custom embossed metal signs. A top and bottom die are used to impress characters, messages, or images onto the surface to create  a visually striking and tactile embossed metal sign. The height of the embossed elements, the overall level of relief and the final appearance are determined through the precise application of pressure during the process.

As a skilled embossed metal sign manufacturer, we’re often asked to use this method to make advertising signs that stand out. In the visually crowded world we live in, they offer a unique and effective way to get brands and messages noticed. With so many screens and billboards competing for attention, the distinctive profiles and bold colours of embossed metal signs sidesteps them all. Embossed metal signs, where versatility and value meet vivacious visuals!

Tin metal sign embossing Tin metal sign embossing

Domed Advertising Metal Signs

When you need to make a place-name or promotion really ‘pop’, domed advertising metal signs are the perfect choice. Doming is a metalworking method where a flat metal sheet or individual blank is transformed into a concave profile using specialized tools, including a doming block (or die) and punch set. A skilled worker uses them to carefully shape the metal into this distinctive, convex shape. The doming process instantly gives advertising metal signs an impression of substance that flat advertising signs can only dream of. Domed signs are pure attention-seekers, so, any time your message needs an extra dash of elegance, choose the dome.

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Printing Methods for Metal Advertising Signs

We offer various printing options to suit different applications. Screen printing gives your custom printed metal signs overall durability. Offset printing makes bulk orders more economical and when you need custom items, digital printing has the versatility to step in. Each method offers its own unique advantages, so whatever your use and quantity requirements, we have a solution to match.

Screen printing

Screen printing is ideal for bulk production (starting from 100 pieces) and is often used for ceramic colours. Known for its great weather resistance and colour stability, screen printing is particularly effective for long-term outdoor promotions. We use this method with our enamel advertising signs, which we kiln-fire to add more durability.

Offset printing

Offset printing of metal signs becomes much more cost-efficient at higher quantities (above 500 units) due to the cost of initial setup, so the larger the order, the lower the cost per unit. This is why we don’t do smaller print runs because the setup costs would be prohibitively expensive.

Digital printing

Digital printing is an excellent choice for custom printed metal signs, especially on aluminium, starting from 100 pieces. This method ensures vibrant colours and customizable motifs, making it ideal for indoor use and for medium-term outdoor advertising.

Feeling unsure about the best printing solution for your project? We’re here to guide you. Whether you’re considering all the options or seeking advice on the ideal print for your metal advertising signs, we’ve got you covered. Our team is ready to provide personalized recommendations based on your unique needs. Feel free to get in touch, and together, we’ll transform your vision into a remarkable reality!

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Shapes and sizes of custom metal signs

Our workshop specializes in creating metal advertising signs in all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re looking to make a grand statement with large tin signs or something more subtle with smaller and medium-sized advertising signs, we can deliver.

Not only can we produce classic rectangular, square, or custom round metal signs, we can also tailor the shape to complement your design, adding an edge treatment for a safe and polished finish. Elevate your brand with our bespoke enamel advertising signs and advertising tin signs, meticulously crafted to leave a lasting impression in any size or shape you desire.

Individualisation of metal signs Individualisation of metal signs

Personalised Metal Signs

Unlock the potential of personalized advertising with our custom metal signs. While we don’t change the original design and motif, the true magic lies in our ability to infuse each sign with unique elements. Imagine your partner receiving a sign adorned with their own logo, individualized text, or a special number. These personalized touches transform the sign into a bespoke gift they can proudly display in offices, bars, or restaurants. This level of customization ensures that each advertising sign becomes not just a promotional tool but a cherished item reflecting the recipient’s identity. Whether we’re crafting trophies or association plaques, our individualization process adds an unparalleled personal touch to elevate your brand presence.

Enhance your advertising strategy with eco-friendly promotional items like metal advertising clocks, thermometers, and business anniversary plaques. Imagine clocks displaying your logo and the name of your business partner, advertising thermometers in your brand colours customized to reflect your partner’s identity, or plaques commemorating special milestones. These sustainable promotional items serve as practical tools and lasting brand reminders. Whether in offices, retail spaces, or as thoughtful gifts, they seamlessly blend functionality with promotional impact.

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Irregular Shapes

Our graphic design and production capabilities aren’t limited to regular rectangular formats; we can produce metal advertising signs in nearly any shape imaginable.

Doming & Embossing

Attractive 3D appearances achievable through doming and embossing are available as standard.

Photorealistic Motifs

Modern printing techniques allow us to reproduce every possible motif, featuring complex colouring
patterns, gradations and shading.

Use of Precious Metals

By using certain silver and golden colour shades we can produce a gorgeous metallic gloss on your aluminium and tin signs. For our porcelain enamel signs, we use real gold and platinum!

Use Cases of Advertising Signs

As dedicated metal signs manufacturers, our expertise extends to mass production, creating customized pieces tailored to diverse applications. From the distinctive appeal of metal pub signs to the strategic impact of advertising metal signs, our creations go beyond conventional markers. Join us as we explore real-world examples, illustrating how our bulk-produced metal signs enhance your brand presence in various settings.

Metal Signs Made to Order

Looking for personalized advertising signs? You’re in the right place. We can mass produce orders starting from just 100 pieces, making it easy and economical to see your unique design on a beautiful metal sign.

Our advertising signs give you plenty of metal real-estate to play with, up to a maximum size of 60 X 75 cm. That’s a generous frame on which to realise your creative vision. Enhance your custom advertising signs further with optional accessories such as stands, mounts and lighting to amplify their visual impact. A choice of porcelain enamel, metal, or aluminium means you can opt for advertising signs with more or less weather resistance to suit their usage: whether its indoor elegance or outdoor advertising with extra longevity. Either way, each metal sign is meticulously crafted with precision in Germany and the Czech Republic.

We offer reliable production with an average delivery time of 5-8 weeks. Elevate your brand’s visibility with our premium advertising signs, a seamless fusion of craftsmanship and customization that’s always tailored to your unique needs.

  • Submit Your Vision: Send us your artwork or describe your idea for a personalized metal sign.
  • Mock-up and Quote: We’ll quickly prepare a mock-up of your design along with a detailed quotation.
  • Your Approval: Once you give the green light we proceed to the next step.
  • Efficient Production: Our skilled team begins production and dispatches your carefully packaged order within 5-8 weeks.
  • Secure Transport: Your advertising signs are carefully transported to your desired location.

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    Business Promotional Items

    As well as traditional metal advertising signs, we also make environmentally friendly promotional items that blend functionality with visual appeal. Imagine the synergy of metal advertising thermometers and advertising clocks transforming your brand message into practical, everyday essentials. Much like our porcelain enamel signs, these promotional items become more than mere visuals – they easily integrate into daily life, ensuring your brand is a constant presence.

    Explore the spectrum of our offerings, from functional metal calendars that add a touch of organization to your clients’ lives, to the charm of chalkboard menu signs that elevate your brand in the HoReCa industry. We’re dedicated to innovation and to tailoring each piece to match your vision. Whether it’s adding a clock mechanism to your advertising sign for a distinctive advertising clock or incorporating a thermometer tube for an eye-catching advertising thermometer, there are many possibilities.

    For those in the HoReCa sector, our round tin trays have become a staple, promoting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage brands with elegance and practicality. Opt for excellence in tin advertising innovation by choosing us as your partner. With high-quality craftsmanship and attention to detail, we turn your advertising vision into tangible, branded experiences that leave a lasting impression.

    Diversify your promotional efforts – choose versatility, functionality, and creativity. Contact us today to explore the endless possibilities of business promotional items that redefine the way your brand engages with its audience.

    Custom Advertising Signs

    Could metal advertising signs make your next project shine brighter? As advertising signs manufacturers, we won’t just produce the best possible signs, we will also advise you on the most appropriate materials, printing technology, colours, format, packaging and even how to use your advertising signs in the most effective and economical way. We can work within your budget and requirements to create the best possible products, and we’ll only let the highest quality porcelain enamel signs or tin metal signs leave our factory—we reject the ones with even minor defects! Get in touch with us for more information about our custom advertising signs.

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