Advertising Clocks

Increase the visibility of your advertising by changing one of our popular metal products into your very own customized clock. Incorporating the quality of German UTS mechanisms into every piece, coupled with your own personal hour hand design, perfect functionality and performance over the years is guaranteed.

  • Create a clock all your own with custom texts and motifs
  • Long-lasting internal UTS mechanism, made in Germany
  • Customizable clock hands in a variety of materials, styles, shapes, and colors
  • Valuable gift to business partners, clients and employees
  • Production from 100 units
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Irregular Shapes

Our graphic designing and production capabilities aren’t limited by regular rectangular formats; we’re capable of producing signs in nearly every possible shape imaginable.

Doming & Embossing

Attractive 3D appearances achievable through doming and embossing are available as standard.

Photorealistic Motifs

Modern printing techniques allow us to reproduce every possible motif, including complex colouring
patterns, gradation and shading.

Metallic Effects

By using certain silver and golden colour shades we can produce a gorgeous metallic gloss on our aluminium and tin signs. For our enamel signs, we use real gold and platinum!

Advertising Clocks Gallery

Use Cases of Advertising Clocks

Porcelain enamel clock

Order Your Own Promotional Clocks

    We’ll make your metal signs, too!

    We won’t just produce the best possible signs, we will also advise you on the best material, printing technology, colours, format, packaging and even how to use your signs in the most effective and economical way. Everything will depend on your project, needs and budget. And after manufacture, we will only send out the highest quality products—we reject the ones with even minor defects!
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