Tin Metal Signs

About Tin Metal Signs

  • High-quality durable finish
  • Budget-friendly for bulk advertising
  • Up to 6 levels of deep doming and detailed embossing
  • Made to any shape or style you want
  • Minimum order 500 pieces
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Signs That Will Exceed Your Expectations

After almost 30 years in business, we are still producing thousands of high-quality metal signs every day, with fast turnarounds and swift shipping from our base in Europe to the rest of the world.

  • Excellent pre-production graphic work and thorough testing
  • Quality control at every stage of manufacturing for top-quality products
  • On-demand production for brand and copyright owners
  • Handmade and modern production methods for the best results

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Why Should You Choose Tin Metal Signs?

Whether porcelain enamel just isn’t in the budget, or you might need more signs for a shorter campaign, tin signs are an advantageous and economically efficient alternative available to you. The use of special solid tin sheets allows us to deeply emboss signs up to 6 layers deep to create that unique 3D look our customers desire, and though our signs are highly requested by bar, restaurant and store owners, they’re also supplied by many as valuable gifts and collector’s items. As standard, our rectangular tin signs have bent edges which increase not only user safety, but the strength and stability of the sign itself.

Irregular Shapes

Our graphic designing and production capabilities aren’t limited by regular rectangular formats; we’re capable of producing signs in nearly every possible shape imaginable.

Doming & Embossing

Attractive 3D appearances achievable through doming and embossing are available as standard.

Photorealistic Motifs

Modern printing techniques allow us to reproduce every possible motif, including complex colouring
patterns, gradation and shading.

Metallic Effects

By using certain silver and golden colour shades we can produce a gorgeous metallic gloss on our aluminium and tin signs. For our enamel signs, we use real gold and platinum!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you create metal signs from photos I send you?

Yes, absolutely. Send us a photo of the artwork and we can create it for you. Minimum order quantity is 100 pieces.

Can I get a sample?

Yes, contact us to request your free sample and we’ll get in touch with you to make sure we send you the most appropriate one. Since our products are always custom made it’s best if we help you with your choice.

Do you offer signs for collectors?

Yes, we do. Our typical customer for collectables is usually a wholesaler who owns the copyright for a particular design and orders them in batches of at least 100. If you want to do the same you can increase the value of yours by releasing them as a limited edition in porcelain enamel or tin and giving each one a unique serial number. For the finishing touch (and to add a bit more value) we can also create an attractive certificate to give them that ‘official’ feel.

Is it possible to have different text on each sign?

Yes, if you order at least 100 pieces and the format is the same for each one. You can even do this with our 3D embossed designs, and you aren’t just limited to text, either. The same design can also feature different numbers, colours, names, and logos too!

Do you offer customized signs or other products?

Yes, we do and we’re happy to produce whatever you need! We design and manufacture all of our products from scratch and we are always up for creating something new and original.

How long do your signs and their colours last?

We create our signs with long-term promotion in mind so they will keep their good looks for many, many years. Please note that tin signs are meant for indoor use only and aluminium and porcelain enamel signs are built to survive the great outdoors and still look dazzling.

Do you have more questions? See our FAQ page or contact us directly.

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We’ll make your metal signs, too!

We won’t just produce the best possible signs, we will also advise you on the best material, printing technology, colours, format, packaging and even how to use your signs in the most effective and economical way. Everything will depend on your project, needs and budget. And after manufacture, we will only send out the highest quality products—we reject the ones with even minor defects!
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