Porcelain enamel sign on wall

Porcelain enamel signs

Why should you choose our enamel sign?

Do you know of any other advertising medium that increases its value as time passes by?
Due to its material properties porcelain enamel stands for high value, solidity and longlivety not only in the field of POS and merchandising. Popular, decorative, attractive, and durable, our customizable signs are destined to become collector’s items with their ageless appeal! Combining the glass shine with the strength of steel, our porcelain enamel signs retain their looks in even the toughest weather conditions! We are able to process almost any motif including particular shapes and contours.


Technical details

  • Oldest advertising material with thousands of years enduring tradition
  • Long-lasting durability and immune to harsh weather
  • Popular collector’s item whose value increases with time
  • Valuable piece of art can be gifted to business partners, clients and employees
  • Detailed reproduction of complicated photorealistic motifs
  • Solid steel tin sheet enameled on both sides and burnt in an oven at 900°C
  • A 400×600 mm sign weighs 3 kg
  • Production from 50 pieces


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