Tin metal sign on wall

Custom Metal signs

Whether porcelain enamel just isn’t in the budget, or you might need more signs for a shorter campaign, tin signs are an advantageous and economically efficient alternative available to you. The use of special solid tin sheets allows us to deeply emboss signs up to 6 layers deep to create that unique 3D look our customers desire, and though our signs are highly requested by bar, restaurant and store owners, they’re also supplied by many as valuable gifts and collector’s items. As standard, our rectangular tin signs have bent edges which increase not only user safety, but the strength and stability of the sign itself.


Technical details

  • Favored advertising material in restaurants, bars, hotels, stores and distributors!
  • Detailed deep embossing options convey 3D effects!
  • Popular collector’s and decorative item!
  • Economically effective advertising!
  • Valuable gift to business partners, clients and employees!
  • A 400×600 mm sign weighs 1 kg!
  • Production from 300 units!


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