Typical Applications

POS Materials

Environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and eye-catching too. It’s hard to beat real metal or porcelain enamel, and it’s even harder to beat our quality, the kind that outshines the competition every time.

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Product Presentation Displays

Show your products off at their very best. Talk to Smalt Brno about displays that shout ‘quality’, ooze style, and make customers want to buy.

Promotional On-Pack Items

It’s easy to warm to a well-designed, well-crafted, printed metal piece. There is something about this classic look that gladdens the heart and makes your customers’ experience more pleasant.

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Recognition Plaques

More chic, more shine, more elegance. If you’re going to give recognition, then make sure you do it with style.

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Anniversary Signs

Way to go! You reached that milestone, and a metal sign adds a gleam to the memory. It’s a great way to mark that special occasion and it’s a keepsake that people will treasure forever.

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Event Participation Signs

Choose a better way to acknowledge attendance. Metal and porcelain enamel say more than a flimsy paper certificate ever will.

Hanging Wall Signs

No plastics, please, keep the shine on your sign. Porcelain enamel and aluminium can weather the worst conditions and still look stunning, year after year.

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Corporate Gifts

Looking for a keeper that won’t get thrown away? Make a better impression. Choose a gift with detailed and colourful digital printing and a fine finish that will gravitate towards the wall instead of the bin.

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Others may settle for chrome plated plastic cups, but we think solid achievements deserve solid trophies. Make winners feel like winners with a beautiful lasting reminder of the day when they became champions.

Merchandising Items

Boost your margins with attractive, durable items that are as pleasant to the touch as they are to the eye. Our gleaming calendars, clocks, and thermometers often become popular collectors’ items, and it isn’t hard to see why.

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