Popular, decorative collector’s items with an attractive toughness make our customizable calendars ageless advertising articles. Adapting materials, sizes, and types of our calendars to fit your budget is one thing; having one of our “infinite” calendars, only needing to either turn the perpetual mechanism or move magnetic ring to specify the date rather than replacing your calendar each year, is truly another!


Technical details

  • Customize each calendar with a different text or motif
  • Detailed reproduction of complicated photorealistic images
  • Available in your choice of materials for indoor or outdoor use
  • Detailed deep embossing options convey 3D effects
  • Durable, long-lasting, and weather-resistant
  • Popular collector’s item whose value increases with time
  • Valuable gift to business partners, clients and employees
  • Advantageous for calendars of varied customized motifs or lower desired quantities
  • Production from 50 units


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